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"Light and Shadows" takes the lead, not far from 20%

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"Light and Shadows" takes the lead, not far from 20%
MBC TV "Lights and Shadows" is recovering its viewing rate and it's about to break through 20%.
According to AGB Nielsen Media research on the 15th, "Light and Shadows" aired on the 14th rated 19.0%. This is 1.9% higher than the previous 17.1%.
Lee Jeong-ja (Narsha) managed to get a song from director Yoo (Kim Yong-geon) but seemed to have trouble appearing on TV.
Sin Jeong-gu (Seong Ji-roo) claimed that bribery was necessary to let her go on TV but Kang Ki-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) was against it saying the singer wasn't powerful enough and the company's financial status was low and that it was more important to earn the hearts of people.
Eventually Ki-tae visited the funeral home of a producer to get on his good graces and got the opportunity to go on radio for the first time. Later, Lee Hye-bin's "I Am Your Woman" became a great hit.
Meanwhile, SBS TV "Salaryman" rated 16.0% and KBS 2TV "Dream High" rated 7.9%.

World Forever USA / Daphne 대프니

Good Job!! I appreciate for your kindness, and continued hard working.
We believe this drama to be over 20% soon, right?
I hope to hear good news next week.
Thank you, again. See you~~~^^


Thank you dear Daphne for your lovely sharing.^^ 2012/02/17


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