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nyd 2009-03-19 22:34:01

[첫인사] hi! i'm from indonesia

hello everyone!! i'm ny-d...

i'm from indonesia and i like Ahn jae wook very much. hm... may i ask something?? is it too young if someone in junior high school loves ahn jae wook?? because i'm still 15... (oh. i'm shy...). My friends call me weird because i like him (which is he is 37...). they laugh at me...

But I like him so much!! he is so handsome and have a charisma... he is so kind... My friend suggest me to call him uncle.. (yeah.. i know it, they said he is too old for me...)

my sister keep telling me when i browse in internet about him, she always said.. "oh.. again??. aren't you bored??", I said, "of course not... he is my ajeosshi!"

I always curious about him. I always ask to myself, "what is he doing now??", "is he doing well" and so on...

i think that's all from me. I want to ask something again is it true that ahn jae wook is in record now?? and his album will appeared in 27 may this year??

thank you for read my post.. nice to meet you!!

Hi~ nyd, nice to meet you~
I think here is much fans like you and have young fans like you.^^
Yeh, I know he is recording new album and will concert in Japan .


인도네시아 팬은 처음인거 같은데요.
15살이라니 공부 열심히 하고있을 우클로버님 생각이 나네요.


Now I'm 25 years old. I'm older than you very much. But I like Ahn Jae Wook from 10 years ago. Same your age now.
I think you shouldn't be shy. Because, you like a wonderful person like him.
I hope you'll love him forever.


Hi~!^^ nyd nim~!^^ Nice to meet you~.
You are very cute & young fan...Very welcome to here~!^^
Let's love ajw nim... we all together & forever~^^
Very thank you for your message..& See you~!*^^*
Always good luck to you~!^^ Cheer up~ nyd nim~!^^*


Hi~ alex, Nice to meet you too~ ^^
I'm older than you (even more than JW) but don't feel shy to like him ~ haha~


Hi Enem! Nice to meet you, too.
Suddenly, I fell very glad.
So I should call you "마". Ha ha ha
Where do you come from?
I visit this page everyday but not leave a comment.
I only can understand news by English so I almost see picture.
But it makes me happy.
From now on, I'll leave message frequently to discuss about AJW with you and everybody here.


thank you everyone!! from now on, i won' t to be shy again.. hahahha... ^_^
oh, he will concert in japan again?? when?? oh.. i feel curious again.. as usual...
about triangle, our obba (should i call him obba or ajeosshi??) new telesinema, is it a movie or drama?? is it any latest news about it??


Of course you call him as obba .^^
By news, as like the word 'telecinema, it will be a drama and a movie too.
And his Japan tour concert will be 5/28, 6/1, 6/4 in Japan.
I'm living in Korea, how about you alex?


I'm a Vietnamese person. Do you know Vietnam, Enem?
I hope that I have a chance to visit Korean. It's my dream.


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