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Christina 2004-01-21 15:22:33

HK 's Newspapers of Korean Culture Award

Today, many newspapers are reported this great function,
because of one of our HK Artist, Mr. Chan,
he also invited from this organization went to attend,
so our HK media reporters also went there and to take photos.
Although reported different artists,
Kim Hee Shin, Ka Tang, BOA etc. and HK,
many photos or main points are in Jae Wook Opba.

News from "Oriental Daily News"
Repost from HK OPPA

News from "Apple Daily News"
眾 俏

獎 搶
晚 ʰ 份 ݻ ۡ ׵ 獎 ߾ Ѩ ̸ ڤ 暱 搶

晚 眾 獎 ̸ ڤ 喁 喁 暱 ̸ г Ѩ 氛 尷 尬
ϴ ߾ 獎 ߾ 即 暱 為 ߾ 獎 眾 ӱ 糕 舉 ̿ ӱ 糕 甜

News from "The Sun Daily News"


News from "Ming Pao Daily News"

٥ 為 ʫ ׵ ݤ κ ݻ 獎 BoA V6 Ү ʰ ׵ 獎

Thank you dear Christina *^^* 2004/01/21


Thank you dear Christina for your hard works. ^^

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