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Rainbow 2004-01-21 18:09:05

[re] A bit of explaination^^

News title: KHS took the first initiative to electrocute AJW

Summary: This article is originally a report for the HK singer Daniel Chan. He attended the event and sat together with KHS, AJW and JDG. The HK journalist feels KHS always took the initiative to talk to her rumoured-boyfriend AJW, ignoring the others on the same table, and treating them as though they are transparent. When HK journalist asked to take a photo for KHS & Daniel Chan together, KHS insists on pulling AJW over...

Photo 1: KHS leans so close towards AJW, looking like a new couple cutting their wedding cake

Photo 2: Sweet-smiling KHS took the first move to toast with AJW, envying those standing around

Photo 3: KHS attentively helps her rumoured-boyfriend AJW to arrange his medal properly

P.S. HK media always likes to write such rumour news about KHS & AJW so let's just read this news with smile^^

Thank you Rainbow for your lovely works. ^^ 2004/01/21



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