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HK-心旭旭 2007-03-16 00:08:06

{Photo} HK News Press about DJ ~ Jae Wook for today (Mar 15)

Thanks for sharing, dear Christina and HK friends..2 ^^ 2007/03/16


It reported that Jae Wook and Cha will be the DJ together in the radio show,
in KBS FM on coming April 16, at 4:00 ~ 6:00 pm , from Monday to Friday.
Because of haven’t been to DJ for An Jae Wook, he felt a little nervous.
While Cha laughed at him, because An Jae Wook wakes up in the afternoon,
so it is the best time the show on-air at that period.
They hope the radio show will bring a good memories and atmosphere to the audiences.


Thanks for sharing, dear Christina and HK friends..3^^ 2007/03/16


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