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Christina 2004-05-15 23:07:27

[太陽日報 & 星島日報] Today HK Newspaper about Jae Wook Opba

Thanks a lot dear Christina for your kind information.
I also want that he will be well again without operation his throat, coz I know he has wonderful and brilliant voice color.
Don't worry too much , dear friend.


병원에 입원한 소식기사인가봐요~^^;;
월드스타라 일거수일투족이 기사화되궁~
제발 건강 잘 챙기시기를...

Thank you dear Christina~~~He'll be all right.^^


Blessing you
그러게나 말이예요.
국제적인 월드스타이니 국제적으로 기사가 나는게 당연한디요.
건강이 안 좋아서 나는 기사 말구...좋고 기분 좋은 기사가 많이 났으면 좋겠군요^^

국제 뉴스 전해주신 Christina님께 지두 감사해요^^


Hi Christina,

I am very surprised you saw this news on your newspaper so fast.
And they already knew news about JW. Wow~~~
He is a famous actor so they always focus to him, right?

We hope that there are not any problems in his throat, no operation.
He has beautiful and mellifluous voice, so I really love his voice.
We want him to keep his natural voice forever.
Don’t worry. Everything will be fine, coz we love him so much.
Thank you to give a chance to see this article.
Have a nice day~ and talk later~~~




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