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[Magazine] ASTA Special - KBS' Mister Good-Bye (Internation Edition - July)

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An Jae Wook as Hyun-Seo (30, male)
This is a comeback for An Jae-Wook, absent from drama for one and a half years after Oh! So Young. In the meantime, he had time off while moving to a new company. "I kept reading scripts during my more than one year off. When I read Mr. Goodbye, I chose it without hesitation because it looked good. I think it's the first time I've made such a quick decision."

# Shooting in Las Vegas, USA This is the first time for me to do a long shoot in America. There were many problems with getting permission so I know it was hard for everyone involved. You'd be going down a street in a car and want to shoot some film because it was so beautiful but a guard would come out and stop you. We had a strict policy of not shooting anywhere without permission. but there were many perks for us actors like the police escorts. There were many little details that made life comfortable for us.

# Starting the first shoot Getting back into acting after such a long time made me feel quite out of place at the shoot. It was on this drama where I met my co-start Lee Bo-Young for the first time. At first, someone told me to watch the drama Seo Dong Yo so I got all of Lee Bo-Young's dramas in and watched them at home. At the end of my research, it looked like she played a lot of gentle, affable roles, but when I met her in person, I found she was a bit of a live wire. What's more, all the actresses in this drama are blood type B; I'm the only A. I am rather timid, so some days the other two actresses gang up on me and I end up groaning on the floor (laughs).

# An Jae-Wook the Actor Recently the drama Star in My Heart has had a hold over me and it's true that this has been a source of stress. If my style was just a bit like Star in My Heart then all I hear is "just like Star in My Heart" and if it was different I hear "Unlike Star in My Heart." At some point, Star in My Heart became the standard for me. But in my mind, I have a strong desire to create new characters.

Lee Bo Young as Choi Young-In (27, female)
Fliming of the drama started in Korea in March. The first shoot was at Incheon Airport. It was the scene where we leave for Las Vegas. It was like filming of Mr. Goodbye overlapped with the historical drama Seo Dong Yo and it made me feel quite awkward to suddenly change from a period drama to a modern one. But from the 3rd episode, I didn't know where to run to, that is to say, my character goes to the dogs (laughs). In this drama I am from an aesthetic skin management company but as a sideline, I enter all sorts of running contests to pick up medals and certificates. It's pretty fantastic.
At first, An Jae-Wok had never even heard of an actress called "Lee Bo-Young". I felt a bit dismayed as it was only 3 years since my debut, but as you know, An Jae-Wook is easy to get along with and we've gotton on well since the first day, so I'm happy about that.
And I feelt hat compared with the period drama, Seo dong Yo my personality has gotten brighter and the acting feels easier. It's probably beacuse I don't have such an elaborate costume and it's a more cheerful role.

Oh Yun Ah as Kang Su-Jin (29, female)
First she was a Cyber Racing Queen, and later she successfully made the switch from racing model to actress. What's more, recently viewers have been raving about a "Oh Yoon-Ah rediscovery." She showed us in the drama Alone in Love that she can play a sexy but comic single mother.
In the drama Mr. Goodbye, she plays a 'single mom', bringing up Hyun-Seo's (An Jae-Wook) child by herself. Of course, she's just as sexy as ever. With looks to dishearten any woman and intimidate any man, she is scheduled to show her charm with her outrageous, unfathomable schemes. She has appeared in 3 successive dramas without a break, the KBS 2TV sitcom Old Miss Diary, SBS's That Woman and the latest Alone in Love. Perharps this shows the newcomer's desire to make her mark.
She says she is still feeling lethargic from the drama Alone in Love. But when asked whether life as an actress is hard, she replied "Not at all." "Acting is a lot of fun. Who would have thought I had this potential? It's enough to astonish the people around me."
Recently she has been arriving at the beauty parlor at 4:30am. We can only guess how puffed out she must be when she arrives.

Cho Dong Hyeok as Kail (29, male)
I unexpectedly heard about a role while on a visit to another broadcasting station and just said straight out "I gotta do it.' (laughs) THe character is a concierge and an illegitimate child. He comes to Korea to take revenge on his father but then meets Young-In. When he sees that she puts her all into her work even though she knows nothing about hotels, he falls in love with her. In the drama, I am basically pretty blunt and don't smile much, but to the guests I am kindhearted and smiley. I suppose this duality adds another element of interests.

CREDITS; ASTA TV mag, iluxxx@soompi

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