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Sandi 2009-04-18 00:32:17

[News] Ahn Jae-wook Underwent Throat Surgery

Singer/actor Ahn Jae-wook underwent surgery to remove an intracordal cyst in his throat in late March. He was recording a mini album to be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan when he felt something was wrong with his throat. Doctors found a cyst, which had to be taken out immediately. He is currently recuperating from the operation.

Ahn is advised not to use his voice for at least a month. His entire schedule had to be adjusted, for his voice may change after operation. He was originally scheduled to go on a three-city tour in Japan on May 27th in the wake of a mini album release in Japan. Ahn had wanted to go ahead with the recording and concerts, but his doctors were dead set against it. Ahn’s agent relayed the singer/actor’s message in which he said that he’s sorry he caused so much trouble and worry for his fans and promised to come back as soon as possible to resume the recording and concert preparation.

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Wishing our Ahn Jae Wook a speedy recovery!

Thank you for your information, dear Sandi nim~!^^
Have a nice weekend & See you~!
Always good luck to you~!^^
Wishing our JW nim a speedy recovery~!^^*


Miss A
Hi dear Sandy,
Thank you for the website and the information alawys very kind of you. God bless you and bless Ahn jaewook-ssi.


Hello Sandi, thanks for your information about our AJW, we hope that one is far better and it takes the necessary
rest so that later he can continue his tour in May. Take


Longtime no see dear Sandy.
Thank you dear Sandy for your lovely information. ^^
I wish he will get perfect health soon .^^


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