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^^* 홈 오픈했습니다..  
안재욱월드(AnJaeWook-World)의 운영자 Rebekah입니다..^
2003년 10월 3일  개천절..~
하늘이 열린다는 날~......안재욱월드도 오픈했습니다..^^
아직은 미완성된.......보안될 점도 많고
업데이트될 부분도 많지만....지속적으로 노력할려구  합니다..^^
많은 관심 부탁드립니다..

Opening Site
Hi, This is Rebekah, web master of AnJaeWook-World.
Today is October 3rd, 2003 "Foundation Day of Korea" (開天節)
day that heaven is open, AnJaeWool-World also open today.
Even this site isn't complete, and I have to do more update and fix,
I'll do my best more and more.. Please give me your great support.

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